Handyman Services Lake Orion: Damn those Ice Dams!

Handyman services in Lake Orion are prepared to help homeowners prepare for winter. The harsh winter elements can cause major damage to homes in Michigan. Here is an article addressing ice damming caused by heavy snow accumulation on the roof.

This article was written by Keith Paul, founder of HandyPro Handyman Services:

“With the large amount a snow on my roof from the storm, I am concerned there will be damage to my gutters and roof. What can I do to protect it?”
Debra L. Pittsfield Twp, MI

Mother Nature can be relentless on your roof during the heavy snowfalls. Snow can be tremendously heavy due to the large surface area of your roof. Sometimes snow can weigh up to 30 LB per square foot. On a 1500-square-foot house with a roof surface area of 1600 square feet, that’s 48,000 Lbs or 24 elephants on your roof! Because the weight can increase as the snow melts and refreezes to ice, called “Ice Dam”, it is very important to remove the snow and ice as soon as possible.

Ice dams occur when the heat in your attic melts the snow on your roof. The snow melts and accumulates at the roof ends or inside gutters, then refreezes. This process can reoccur causing the ice to build up towards the peak of your roof and underneath your shingles. Once the ice works its way up under your shingles, they can melt causing a waterfall in the interior of in your home.
This can be prevented by following the steps below:

1. Ensure your gutters are cleaned after the leaves fall and before winter.

2. Ensure your home has adequate ventilation and insulation.

3. Remove the snow from the ends of your roof by using a roof rake. Remove the snow a minimum of 4 feet from the gutters to the peak of the roof anytime it snows over 4-6 inches.

a. Roof rakes can be purchased at local hardware stores for approximately $20-$40.
b. Local home improvement companies provide this service. Prices can vary from $95-$400 depending on the home. Ensure the company’s references, because picking the wrong company could damage your roof. (Read Tips for Hiring a Handyman)

4. Appling Calcium Chloride over the ice will cause the ice dam to melt. This is safe for your shrubbery and grass. Sodium Chloride, (table salt) will cause damage. Safety is of the utmost important with this step because the ice could melt onto your ladder and refreeze on the rungs causing a slip hazard.

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